Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Winter Is Here!

Here in Ghana we have two types of seasons. The dry and wet seasons. I sometimes refer to the wet season as our 'WINTER'.

This is when our sweaters and woolen knitted outfits come out from our closets to be displayed!
Matching-Jeans-and-Sweaters for winter.

Sweaters are out in full force.
So are sturdy, heavyweight blue jeans.

That’s great news for casual dressers, because few things go together as easily as jeans and sweaters.

With the right jeans and the right sweaters in your closet, winter dressing can run itself on autopilot from the first flakes of our rains and cold weather to the last puddles of slush.

Still, even a simple look can go wrong, and it stands out all the more when it does. Tighten your sweater/jeans game up with some simple tricks to keep everything looking laid back, casual, and stylish.


Knitted coverup ( forever21

Jeans pants (miss selfridge

Heels (Steve Madden) lupita collection, 0267190776

Dior bag from (Ellacadie, 0241053243

Shades from vasties (0244997111)

Thanks for visiting my blog .its winter. yaaaaay

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