Friday, 12 August 2016

Body Conscious Dress

The body conscious dress -- or “body con” -- takes cue from the figure-hugging Herve Leger bandage dress which, as its name implies, feels like a second skin. Made to hug every single curve, it’s designed to proudly show off your shape–but not everyone has the confidence to pull off this super tight style.

“The body con dress, or by its full name body conscious dress, shouldn’t leave you feeling self- conscious about your body. Most women believe you have to have the perfect figure to rock this hot trend, but that is not particularly true. Choose the right undergarment to help smooth out your curves, such as Miraclesuit Shapewear or SPANX.  Certain prints of the dress can also make your body appear to have an hourglass shape.”

“Remember confidence is the best accessory and prints are your best friends,” .

“The body con dress can be your best friend or worst nightmare.

“Some may think this dress is a quick and simple solution to achieving the perfect evening look while others beg to differ. It really all depends on how you wear it according to your body shape and size.”

Sure, you may want to squeeze in an extra session or two at the gym first to pull off this look without holding your breath, but there are some simple ways to still rock it, even if you don’t have a body of a supermodel (and really, how many of us do?).

Feeling shy about stepping out in a figure-hugging dress? this is one dress you should always have in black. Not only is this effortlessly chic hue always on trend, but it's downright sexy without trying too hard. Also, wearing all black creates a long, lean vertical line, creating the appearance of a slimmer figure. If tired of rocking the usual LBD, you can always opt for other darker shades, such as navy blue, for a similar appearance.


Outfit from ( shikatrends,0246290709)

Heels from ( SnF closet ,0555648101)

Neckpiece :(RozAy 0266181089)

Hope u get inspired and get same look like mine. Cheer!

Perfect White Shirt

A white shirt is one of my basic wardrobe essentials for confidence in my meetings , not only does it give me a polished, sophisticated and professional look, but it can be worn in multiple ways for that effortlessness touch to my outfits.

Some like it vintage and others keep it contemporary. In today's post I'm going to observe some ways how you can wear your bootcut jeans from day to night. It doesn't means you have to avoid skinnies. All I want to say is that you have finally a diverse choice. The flares and bootcut styles is a trendy update after all!

I tell you honestly; first I was afraid of wearing bootcuts. Why? I have been wearing skinnies for ages and now I had to try something completely new. Plus I was thinking my legs will look crooked. BUT! Once I tried them on, I realized I WAS COMPLETELY wrong. I feel excited, as I can choose different outfit styles, creating boho chic vibes, disco diva ensembles, etc. Yep, I am obsessed with these denims. In today's post we are gonna see best ways of wearing bootcuts this year.

Are you getting as excited as I am? You should! These styles are the same versatile as skinnies, meaning you can wear them with so many different looks. I have gathered street style inspiration, so you can choose the best looks to try next week. You can never go wrong with these bottoms. Try on classic update, featuring off shoulder top, shades and your bootcut pants. I am sure you gonna
Love them. The best thing about these jeans is the experimentation with your style.

I actually came up with this looks when my tailored shorts meant to pair with my white top didn't fit well and I by all means had to attend the engagement ceremony of my bosom friend . Immediately I tried to pair the bootcut jeans pants with my white top and oh! It worked perfectly well!!! As a stylist u need to find immediate solution to your fashion problems just like I did. Don't you love my looks? 

Get inspired.

Tailored White Top (Elsenams 0232996213)

Bootcut Pants (Eye Candy 0200790650)

NB: Most times the things u never planned for seems to work better than the planned ones. Exactly what happened to me in these pictures.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Tips On How To Wear Yellow Clothes And Summer Saturday

One of the biggest color trends this summer is something slightly unexpected: it’s yellow. I say unexpected because yellow isn’t a color that you typically see everyone wearing. Yellow is bright, it’s loud, it’s in-your-face – it’s a bold color, and it’s not something you wear if you’re trying to play it safe.

I also know a lot of people who say that yellow isn’t flattering on them. As someone who loves wearing black, white, and brown, I’ve always felt the same way. But then one year, I found myself buying a pretty yellow tank top to match a skirt I wanted to wear. I was honestly so worried about wearing the outfit, because it was a little out of my comfort zone, but it looked great! It ended up being one of my favorite outfits.

The point is, you CAN wear yellow even if you think you can’t. You can also wear yellow without looking like a bumblebee, because, to be fair, that is a legitimate concern. Want to know how to get in on this color trend? There you go with my yellow bodysuit / Denim looks.Get inspired,

INSPIRED? Wants to shop same looks? Lets go shopping then.

BODYSUIT: Awaeliciouscollections (0263667417)

Heels: lupita Caroline collections (0267190776)

Denim shirt ( foreva21,dubai)

Hair cap(wigcrush) 0263656921

Clutch:(shoe mart , dubai )


Monday, 1 August 2016

A recap of my exciting prêt-a-couture journey

My prêt-a-couture journey with @Vliscofashion was an exciting one and it took 5 easy steps to get my outfit done.  I loved it from the first step to the last one. The style and finishing was perfect and I totally love it. 

This service takes just 14 days to get an outfit ready and the best part is how affordable it is! My dress cost just GHC 255 not including cost of the fabric. If not for the accident I had which left me incapacitated for over 8 days, I would have had my outfit in 2 weeks! 

These are the steps I went through for my outfit. Go to the Vlisco boutique at Accra mall for yours too. You won’t regret it.
Step 1: Choose your style

Step 2: Choose your fabric 

Step 3: Take your measurement with the tailor. They know what they are doing and always get it right.

Step 4: Go for fitting

Step 5:  Pick up your outfit


Friday, 22 July 2016

Distress Pants

Back when I was in Uni, destroyed denim was very popular. The more holes and rips your jeans had, the better! I wore my distressed denim with literally everything, and couldn’t imagine the day when I had to wear jeans that weren’t tattered and ripped up.

And then I had to do my national service and it happened.

But ripped jeans are coming back! This clothing item has a super casual feel, and it can be hard to make it look put-together and polished. But it’s definitely not impossible! In fact, when styled correctly, destroyed denim looks seriously street-chic and so cool. You just have to know what to pair it with so that it looks less grungy and more “look how awesome my style is. Distressed denim can make you want to start putting holes in all of your jeans.

Jazz up your weekend with your distress denim.

Entire outfit from (SnF closet, 0555648101
Sunglasses from (Sunnies, 0201419788).
Sidebag (rozywigs, 0271053983)

Have a distressed weekend !!