Friday, 22 July 2016

Distress Pants

Back when I was in Uni, destroyed denim was very popular. The more holes and rips your jeans had, the better! I wore my distressed denim with literally everything, and couldn’t imagine the day when I had to wear jeans that weren’t tattered and ripped up.

And then I had to do my national service and it happened.

But ripped jeans are coming back! This clothing item has a super casual feel, and it can be hard to make it look put-together and polished. But it’s definitely not impossible! In fact, when styled correctly, destroyed denim looks seriously street-chic and so cool. You just have to know what to pair it with so that it looks less grungy and more “look how awesome my style is. Distressed denim can make you want to start putting holes in all of your jeans.

Jazz up your weekend with your distress denim.

Entire outfit from (SnF closet, 0555648101
Sunglasses from (Sunnies, 0201419788).
Sidebag (rozywigs, 0271053983)

Have a distressed weekend !!

How To Look Chic In Your Body Con Dress/ Kimono

Putting on a body con dress is a bold statement that conveys positive self-esteem and confidence in your body, appearance, and style. In general quality body con dresses are made from light fabrics often featuring rayon, cotton, spandex, and nylon. A quality body con dress is designed and constructed to hug your body like a second skin and cling to your curves to support and shape your feminine proportions. Fashionistas everywhere love body con dresses because they are versatile, trendy, and flattering.

When paired with the right accessories, a quality body con dress serves as both day and evening wear in a heartbeat. Choosing the right accessories is of utmost importance. This means finding the right kimono, coat, jacket, jewelry, belts, tights, and shoes play key roles in pulling off certain looks.

For most people, a body con dress is the epitome of a revealing party dresses. If this intimidates you, it shouldn’t. A body con dress has the ability to be dressed up or down and when smartly paired with a coat or a jacket provides just enough cover without reducing your sexy. Not just any coat or jacket gets the job done when looking to use a coat or jacket as more cover.

For example, your favorite parka keeps you warm but it may do nothing to enhance your dress or contribute to your sultry look. We’ve compiled a few simple rules to keep in mind when choosing coats, kimonos to wear with your body con dresses. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you rock a hot outfit throughout all seasons.

Enhancing Your Body con Dress
The coat/kimono you choose to wear with your dress serves multiple purposes. It keeps you warm on chilly nights, and if chosen well, it also serves to enrich the look of your body con dress. While choosing your coat/kimono it is important to remember that the purpose of wearing the kimono is to enhance your body con dress, and not hide it or add unnecessary pounds to your silhouette.

For example, a pouf jacket may be acceptable with denim jean by itself but when worn with a body con dress it tends to only add unnecessary bulk to your ensemble and draw attention to your midsection. The trick is to choose a coat/ kimono that boasts a flattering cut and draws attention to the right places - depending on your body type.

Get inspired!!!

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Entire outfits and ankle heels: SnF closet (0555648101
Hair: hair by Blair (0247513494)

Contact any of them for either your beautiful outfits or human hair.
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Friday, 8 July 2016

How Vlisco Pret-A-Couture Works Systematically

I paid a visit to @Vliscofashion store this morning. My prĂȘt-a-couture journey has begun! It takes just five steps to get your beautiful garment from the Vlisco in-house tailoring service. You choose your style, select the fabric you love and take your measurements after which you make a 50% deposit of the total cost. For the fourth step you go for fitting at the shop after a week or so. 

Then for the final step, you go for your garment and make the last 50% balance payment and voila, your pretty outfit is ready to be worn! But hey, remember the prĂȘt-a-couture service at the Vlisco shop is available from Tuesdays to Saturdays between 10am to 6pm and it takes two weeks to get outfits ready.

I went through the first three steps and will be going back in a week or so for my fitting which is in step four.

1.  Choose my style from any of the over 20 designs

2. Select my favourite fabric – it was so difficult as they are all so beautiful!

 3. Get measured by the tailors in-house. These are professionals and they know exactly what they are doing. They get the sizes right always although you may think you already know your dress size.

After my measurements were taken I signed an agreement with them and made the 50% deposit for my garment.

I will be back exactly a week later for my fitting (step four).  And will as well share my experience with you.   

NB: To take up the pret-a-couture service, visit the Vlisco boutique at the Accra Mall from Tuesdays to Saturdays between the hours of 10am-6pm.

HAIR : hair_by_blair11 (027513494
Laid by :Kukis parlor:0243153375
Outfit: petalsbydzidzor:0243382405.

Shots by: oneclickphotography

Thursday, 7 July 2016

How To Style The African Wax And Still Look Smart

Traditional African fabrics, such as Ankara or wax prints, are most well known for their use in dresses, shirts and head wraps. However, there is so much more you can do with African cloth. 

All it takes is a little creativity, and you can combine beautiful African style with modern pieces for a fun look.

Ankara dresses can be beautiful and eye-catching, but try mixing it up with some ladies shirt. 

The look is both smart and powerful, with clean lines and vibrant patterns. Or you can keep it more casual with a pair of sandal or flats. these work perfect and simple.

English stalwart with African style makes for a unique twist.

Try this and get inspired. African print rocks!

Designer: Melanie_crane (+233 267601259)
Heel: lupita collection (0267190776)

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How To Style Your Plain Maxi Dress With Your African Print Headgear And Neck piece

This weather keeps changing...the morning is cold sometimes then afternoon gets a little warm.  Right now I am picturing myself on vacation. Big sunglasses and big smile, a floaty maxi dress/skirt and nothing to do but relax.

A maxi dress is a long dress worn by women. Maxi dresses have hundreds of different designs; they can come in stripes, polka dots, floral patterns, African prints and solid colors and others plain like what am wearing.

Would you make a chitenge maxi skirt or dress??  Do you already have one?

A plain one can go well with so many outfits and a printed headscarf.

My headgear is called the shik tababla and my neck piece, shik kormanu. These pieces are part of shik collections newest collections .get inspired and grab yours


maxi gown by :quophiakotuahgh(0248182995)
African neck pieces and headgear: shikcollection(0246563167)

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