Friday, 22 July 2016

Distress Pants

Back when I was in Uni, destroyed denim was very popular. The more holes and rips your jeans had, the better! I wore my distressed denim with literally everything, and couldn’t imagine the day when I had to wear jeans that weren’t tattered and ripped up.

And then I had to do my national service and it happened.

But ripped jeans are coming back! This clothing item has a super casual feel, and it can be hard to make it look put-together and polished. But it’s definitely not impossible! In fact, when styled correctly, destroyed denim looks seriously street-chic and so cool. You just have to know what to pair it with so that it looks less grungy and more “look how awesome my style is. Distressed denim can make you want to start putting holes in all of your jeans.

Jazz up your weekend with your distress denim.

Entire outfit from (SnF closet, 0555648101
Sunglasses from (Sunnies, 0201419788).
Sidebag (rozywigs, 0271053983)

Have a distressed weekend !!

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