Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Sleeveless Ankara Trench Jacket

I can't get enough of my love for Ankara prints lately. It’s me again rocking another print magic, a sleeveless Ankara trench jacket. Proudly African, proudly Ghanaian.

Trench coat/ jacket is trending now and the Ankara fabric does it better for me. 

I love the fact that I can throw on a lovely printed and comfy item like my pencil dress / Ankara trench jacket to amp up my style.

It’s easy to rock and also brings out that feminine and soft edge in you. I actually rocked mine to church this Sunday and trust me it was an outfit of the day. 

You can also rock it also. Get inspired!!

Red Bottoms: Lupita Collection (0267190776)

Clutch: New Look


  1. This outfit is stunningly gorgeous! Where can I purchase it?

  2. Wonderful Ankara trench jacket. dress fabrics and shoes are really very good.. this dress as like African Wax Print Fabric

  3. Good choice.... the colors work well with your skin tone

  4. Awesome outfit! Ankara Trench jacket is so gorgeous! we have a awesome collection of Ankara dress. you guys can visit us
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