Saturday, 17 October 2015

Ankara Prints

African prints popularly known as Ankara has gained popularity in the global fashion. I was inspired by my designer to do the Ankara prints to a mates wedding instead of the usual already made gowns and outfits from foreign fabrics but rather go in for our own African print.
We decided to use this colourful *GTP* known as the Ghana Textiles Prints because they have very colourful and lively new collections which could do the magic we wanted perfectly.
We finally settled on a blazer and a white bodycon dress in order to pop the colours in the print out. I must say I never regretted for going in for these looks. I graced the occasion in a unique style where I became the centre of attraction.
These looks can be worn to any official events and to the office as well. (GETINSPIRED)
Ankara Jacket: Melanie _Crane 0267601259.
Bodycon Dress: Yoselyn Akuffo 0547817528.

Shoes N Clutch: Lupita Collections, 0267190776.


  1. I love the way the shoes and the ankara print match, the white bodycon dress is lovely but it makes the outfit a bit too loud. It's a wonderful combination tho.