Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Bold floral prints are all over the fashion world but when it comes to creating your own outfit, they can be a nightmare to mix and match.
Most of us have the flower print thing down pat, so you'd think you wouldn't need tips on how to style a floral pattern. But florals are a summer staple, and after a while they can feel a little too... tried and true. You seem to end up wearing the same old floral dresses, the same rose print skirts, the same black, grunge skater dresses. The print turns into a summer uniform, and like with all ruts, after some time you crave to break free.
But on the flip side, florals are such a fun print to style. They come in all sorts of colors and variations, and are especially interesting when clashed with another print in the outfit (like plain or stripes!). So what should a girl do when she's bored with a look but isn't quite ready to retire it?
Play around it by wearing your plain jacket on it or tie your scarf around your neck and spark up your same and old looks. Fashion is all about style and how you are able to re rock same old looks.i think everybody knows that floral is the huge trend this year right? Floral prints are definitely a must have in every ladies closet.
Outfit designed by (Melanie crane +233 267601259)
Shoes from (snf closet
Braids cap from: kukis parlor: 0243153374

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