Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Traditional Wear

I believe in brightening your corner, standing out and being unique where ever you find yourself in life. This traditional outfit is mainly worn by our men most of the Northern part in Africa.

In Ghana, this is the traditional outfit for the men. It mostly comes in three pieces. The trouser, the inner shirt and the oversize cover-up with or without the hat.

I decided to rock this outfit in my own way in order for most of my followers on social media to get inspired because ladies hardly wear this and even if they did, it was without the hat.

Am doing much in love with this particular looks of mine which I wore to a Muslim friends birthday party.

Outfit: tailored and designed by (Nuna couture, 0265349598).

Heels: Atmosphere.

Contact him for this perfect looks and Ma ladies out there GET INSPIRED.

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