Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Ankara Blazer

Subtly is the key. Make your rock statement and still look bold, chic and beautiful.

A designer friend of mine decided to get me the Ankara blazer because she knows my love for Ankara keeps growing each day.

She actually didn't have any idea about how I was going to put an outfit together to pair with it.

But hey! She was not surprised I pulled it off the hook because I eat fashion, drink fashion and sleep fashion.

This outfit is my everyday look to town. How best can you also rock this? Get inspired.

Ankara Blazer: Vicentia (0243382405).

Fedora Hat: 0554318949.

Heels: Belledomina (0268180150).

Bag; Guess


  1. Loving the blazer Akosua, and you look lovely too


  2. Ist time visiting, but I must confess babe..you doing a great job! I suggest you add country code to the numbers you display because you got large fans around Africa, I swear!