Thursday, 19 November 2015

Stylish Casual Outfit

There's nothing better than an outfit that's comfortable and actually stylish, right? You can wear the latest seasonal styles and colours. You can be elegant, chic and modish.

Whichever suit your mood. I chose to do the Burgundy and black and it worked perfectly for my skin type. I had fun with my girlfriends at a friend’s BBQ party.

Outfit Details
Tailored pants (Melanie crane: +233 267601259)
Loose Top: Mis Selfridge (Silasboutique, 0244617466)
Heels: Zara
Side bar: Hermes
Fedora Hat: Lyciaturquise, 0302980333.

Keep dropping your comments on this looks. Love you and thanks for visiting my blog. Xxxxx

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