Saturday, 30 January 2016

Which type of sneakers would you prefer?

Would you go in for either thin or thick? Thin high top is something like a pair of converse sneakers; shoes made of light fabric that, when tied to the top, rest snugly against the leg.

The issue with thin high sneakers is that if tightly laced all to the top, the shoes can make your ankle look awkward and small.

The best pair with the high sneakers is the skinny jeans. It's a great look and very contemporary. It works for both men and women, since skinny jeans are popular for both men and women.

NB: as a general rule, don’t wear same colour of your high top sneakers as your skinny jeans.(unless they are both black because is a classic and basic shade).


Sneaker: Aldo's

White long tees: pull n bear

Backpack: Newlook

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