Wednesday, 24 February 2016

When should you wear a baby doll dress?

Baby doll dresses are suitable for young women of all ages, from infants to women in their mid-thirties. 
Plus size baby doll dresses are even an option for women with some extra weight. A woman over 40 however, might look a bit silly in a baby doll dress.
Party-baby doll-dresses
A baby doll dress can be worn to suit different styles and depending on the color and fabric of the dress can be worn in various occasions.
Every day – A baby doll dress is perfect for work or school and by adding some accessories it is a perfect option for an after work/school drink.
At the beach – Wear a baby doll dress on top of your bathing suit on the way to the beach and you can easily go to a restaurant or at the movies on your way back – no need to change clothes.
At a cocktail party – A baby doll dress is a perfect option for a summer cocktail party. In this case the dress has some elegant details such as embroidery or appliques that make it look elegant and formal.
A cocktail party baby doll dress is totally different from the beach or everyday baby doll dress. A pink cocktail dress is the ultimate girly look.
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  1. By formal dresses, I mean prom dresses. We call it formal instead of prom here in Australia.

    Anyways, nothing too expensive. It doesn t matter if its an american website or anything as long as they can ship to Australia.

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  2. Oh my god!! This hot pink baby doll outfit looks fantastic. I just loved it. I am going to attend a fairy themed wedding at destination event venue NYC and would like to buy a peach baby doll dress. Thanks for the inspiration my friend!!

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