Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Fit N Flare Pleated Dress

If You Have Full Hips and Thighs Look for: Fit-and-flare shapes that have inverted pleats or that have knife or crystal pleats down the middle, or just like my sea blue dress. These choices flatter the hips without bulking them up. Folds on the bodice help even out curves

The fit and flare dress is the perfect dress for the leggy girl, allowing her show off her legs while de-emphasizing her less flattering features. it is also for the woman looking to bisect an unnaturally long torso and give the illusion of length. While there is little than can be done short of ruching and adding layers to the skirt, there is a lot than can be done to the bodice of a fit and flare dress to give it versatility. There are several ways to wear the fit and flare dress and we will try to show you how to look your best in it.

Outfit N Clutch: Maxcloset (0244447262)

Red Bottoms; Lupita Collection (0267190776)

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