Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Wearing An Oversized Cardigan With A Dress

For the second look in this series I wanted to style this over sized cardigan sweater in a prettier way. I paired it with a long tank top dress.

How to wear a cardigan in a casual way.

When wearing an over sized cardigan the first thing you need to consider is the actual size of the cardigan. Somewhat over sized, kind of over sized or just plain big. I would advise something in between. You don’t want the cardigan to be so big that it swallows you up, than might as well wear a blanket. 

If you have a cardigan that’s slightly over sized, like the one I’m wearing in this post, it’s especially important to pay close attention to what you wear underneath. The clothes have to be form fitting. If you wear the over sized cardigan with a dress, the dress needs to accentuate the waist or be belted.

In this outfit the dress is slightly longer than the cardigan .This is a good length because it won’t look like you’re wearing nothing underneath. The boots end about mid-calf and I decided not to wear tights or leggings because I didn’t there to be too much fabric. Being bared legged kept this outfit from looking frumpy. Overall the outfit was balanced. Heavy top with a lighter bottom.

A simple cross body pouch purse and the look is good to go. It can be optional either.
This outfit is for transitional weather. Once it starts getting colder leggings become a necessity. But while the weather is not too cold nor hot this is the perfect day look to keep you cozy but also looking stylish.

Cardigan: forever21

Creepers: Zara


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